UCTD Workshop: ‘This Old Book’ given by Curator of Rare Books, Beth Kilmarx

“This Old Book” will take place from noon-1 p.m. Thursday, May 17, in UU-124. Have you ever been given an old book from a relative and wonder how to care for it?  Or, buy an interesting looking book at a yard sale and wonder if it’s rare or valuable. This workshop can help you with these questions.  Workshop participants will be shown how to care for books, ranging from centuries’ old family bibles to modern collectibles. Often the easiest way to care for a book is simply changing its location in a room.  Workshop participants will also be shown which websites to use to determine the rarity or value of their books. This is a hands-on workshop and participants are asked to bring a book to work with during the session. To register, call UCTD at 777-6362 or visit