Fall 2023 Exhibit: “All That’s Fit for Student Print: Binghamton University Student Publications, 1946 – Present”

Title of exhibit on background of publications
Portion of the exhibit poster with title of the exhibit and images of student publications

Students have been reporting news, sharing creative writing and art,
composing in-depth articles on culture and politics, and editorializing
on all manner of subjects since 1946 with the first publication of the
student newspaper Colonial News. As Triple Cities College became
Harpur College and eventually Binghamton University, the number and
variety of publications created by students expanded. Today, Special
Collections holds more than 100 titles of varying genres, styles, and
points of view. 

Image of exhibit poster with title and images of publications covers

This exhibit illustrates the range of student voices and genres represented in the Binghamton University Publications collection.

The exhibit is on display through August 2024.