Professor Emeritus Elias Schwartz Dies

Elias Schwartz, 81, professor emeritus of English, died April 5, in North Carolina. Schwartz began his college education at the City College of New York, but completed his bachelor’s degree at New York University after his education was interrupted by World War II, during which he was injured and spent time as a POW. He earned his master’s degree from the University of Chicago and his doctorate in English from Stanford University. Schwartz taught at the University of Notre Dame before joining the faculty at Binghamton University in 1962. He wrote and published two scholarly books, The Mortal Worm: Shakespeare’s Master Theme and The Forms of Feeling. Schwartz retired in 1985. He is survived by his wife, Marjory, one daughter, four sons and three daughters-in-law, 13 grandchildren, one sister and one brother.