Library Services Update – May/June 2020

[as of 6/10/20 – subject to change]

The following are the preliminary plans for restoring more of our library services. Our intention is to provide a foreshadowing of the service changes that are being introduced to help align expectations with the realities of what is currently sustainable. All aspects of the plan are subject to change due to changes in campus, local or state policies, as well as confirmation by third party service providers for necessary supplies to provide a safe environment for all.
Access to Collections

  • Faculty and students will be able to resume requesting material via our website from our print collection beginning June 15, 2020;
  • Regularly circulating material will be paged by library staff from all library locations and brought to the self-service hold shelves inside Bartle Library (entry area);
  • Hold shelf items will be arranged by last name and will require presentation of your ID to retrieve held items; and
  • In accordance with emerging best practices, library materials that have been returned or used will be put in quarantine for 24 hours (updated from 72 hours based on most recent recommendations).

Planning Your Visit

  • Initially, Bartle Library will offer a Bartle To Go service from 12-4 p.m., Monday-Friday only to pick up requested print materials or to visit Special Collections by appointment only (request via email or visit Restarting Special Collections for more information). The remaining areas of Bartle will be remain closed as well as the Science and UDC libraries;
  • We are working to significantly reduce density[1] in our facilities by removing approximately 60-75% of the seating in our libraries. Access to additional areas of the libraries will be possible when this work is completed;
  • Visitors will be required to wear masks to enter library facilities;
  • Visitors and staff will follow social distancing guidelines;
  • Staff will be wearing protective gear appropriate for their work; and
  • Plexi-glass barriers are being installed at service points;

Service Availability (current or as of June 15)

Visit our Coronavirus – Library Services FAQ for more information.
Longer Term Priority Service Objectives

  • Expand access to library book stacks and reduced study areas within libraries
  • Resume face-to-face library research instruction
  • Print Course Reserves
  • Special Collections Research Instruction (Virtual)
  • Technology lending program

For more Information about our services, contact the library department at:

These expectations will likely evolve as new information becomes available and as new issues arise. Send your direct questions or comments to:

[1] Guidelines from the “Return to Research” document suggest the maximum occupancy in any space on campus is 25% of the posted room capacity or one person for every 200 sq. ft. while maintaining six-foot distancing, whatever is less.