New Exhibit: Here, There and Everywhere – Traveling Through Special Collections

Here, There and Everywhere: Travel through Special CollectionsHere, There and Everywhere: Traveling Through Special Collections presents a wide variety of travel-related materials from several collections spanning four decades, from travel guides, pamphlets and postcards to passports, travel documents and more. Envision yourself on the Grand Tour of Europe in the 1700s, peruse a 19th century guidebook to a local lake, discover the difficulties of traveling during and after WWII, and see what was happening on the Brooklyn jazz scene in 2001. This exhibition illustrates what travel was like in the Southern Tier, around the U.S., and across the world from the 18th century to today. Take a tour of the different materials that Special Collections has to offer!
The exhibit will be on display until October 12, 2018.
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