University Archives materials featured in Binghamton’s New Commercial!

The new Binghamton University TV commercial, This Is Premier, showcases our school’s history — with a creative twist. Check out how it all came together.

Real props


University Archivist Yvonne Deligato pulled yearbooks, hats, apparel and photographs from the University Archives to give the set an authentic 1940s look.

Never-before-seen footage


The TV plays clips of never-before-seen film from the University vault, converted to digital by James Pitarresi, assistant provost and executive director of the Center for Learning and Teaching, and distinguished teaching professor of mechanical engineering.

Repurposed antiques


The TV, which sits center on the set, is actually from 1948. University Video Producer Andrew Hatling bought the piece off Craigslist and purchased set props from local antique stores.

Custom-made wall


Thanks to the Theatre Department, the 10-by-12 foot background wall was constructed and decorated with period wallpaper. Looks pretty 1940s, right?

And when that wall falls? That’s real, too.


That wall falling down isn’t a visual effect. Three crew members were on either side of the structure and had to let it drop at the exact same time.

There were some visual effects, though.


The TV had been gutted and modified to hold a modern LCD screen, which was later digitally replaced. Oh, and that beautiful sunset? Also, digitally replaced!  <!–[endif]–>

Two sets, one day! 


The commercial had two filming locations, first in the Anderson Center’s Chamber Hall and then on the DeFleur Walkway. The crew had to transport the set and reconstruct it on the University Spine. Shout out to the Communications and Marketing web team for their help moving the huge wall!

Spot your friends?


See if you recognize any of the extras. The students in the background are actual Bearcats! Over 100 extras and 24 takes later, we had our last scene!


Let’s give credit where it’s due. Here’s a look at everyone who helped make this commercial possible:

Producer: Ryan Yarosh

Producer: Cherith Simmons

Executive Producer: Gregory Delviscio

Director: Andrew Hatling

1st Assistant Camera: JP Pelc

Key Grip: Josh Ludzki

Gaffer: John Barton

Drone Operator: James Johnson

Visual Effects Supervisor: Daniel Sharp

Production Assistants: John Brhel, Diana Bean, Aleks Rikhterman

Production Manager: Linda Biros

Assistant Production Manager: Kimberly Spaulding

Construction Coordinator: Don Guido

Set Design Consultant: Barbara Wolfe

Carpenter: Scott D. Selmeski

Assistant Carpenter: Zach Horowitz

Property Manager: Craig Saeger

Key Scenic: Samantha Eriksen

Head Painter: Martin Richard Borromeo

Archival Video Conversion: James Pitarresi Binghamton

University Archivist: Yvonne Deligato

Voice Over (Narrator): Kevin Collins

Voice Over (Quote 1): Sam Williamson

Voice Over (Quote 2): Bob Michaels

Special Thanks:

Michael Hatling

Jonathan Cohen

Jean Green of Special Collections, Preservation and University Archives

Binghamton University Theatre Department

Lucy Silverstein and The Left Bank shop (Owego)

Daniels Paint (Binghamton)

Pamela Cahill

Kari Bayait

John Solan

Rebecca Latona

Cameron Boyce

Addison Esson

Gary Pedro

Timothy Perry

Sean Conte

David Vendrell

Patrick Collette

Steve Moore