Charles “Chuck” Brink dies

Former chair of the Harpur Forum (now Binghamton University Forum) and member of the Binghamton University Foundation, Charles Goodrich “Chuck” Brink, 88, formerly of Binghamton, died Friday, July 27, in Danbury, Conn., after a brief illness.

A graduate of Hamilton College, he served in the U.S. Navy as a language officer, then worked in radio and television before taking the reins and ownership of Binghamton Industrial Supply Company, a company founded by his father.

Following retirement, he was an adjunct lecturer and consultant for the School of Management’s graduate program — the Management Game — an intensive capstone experience for MBA students. “Chuck recruited numerous executives from our community to serve as members of the boards of directors of the fictitious companies that the students had to operate as part of this computer simulation,” said Thomas Kelly, former SOM dean and former vice president for external affairs. “He also instructed them on how to make convincing and thorough presentations to the executives.”

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