Alumnus gives middle-school students a first look at campus

Jess Ferrucci, an accounting major and campus tour guide, leads a tour of middle-school students from the Bronx around campus on June 21. Brice Messavussu '11, a current teacher at MS 254 in the Bronx, organized the three-day trip. Photo by Jonathan Cohen












by Eric Coker

Brice Messavussu’s recent return to campus wasn’t about reminiscing with friends about the past. Instead, the 2011 Binghamton University graduate was focused on the future.

Messavussu, who teaches math and science at MS 254 in the Bronx, brought 24 of his middle-school students to Binghamton on June 20-22, to give them a first glimpse of college life.

“When they leave here and get on the bus, I hope they are intent on going to college,” he said. “I want them to think ‘I will go to college,’ not ‘I may go.’ I keep stressing that college is for everybody. There is so much to study. … And hopefully, they’ll come to Binghamton University.”

Messavussu, fellow teacher Eva Zanio and the mostly seventh-grade students spent their time learning about the University and touring campus. They stayed in Rafuse Hall and ate meals in the Susquehanna Room. Students particularly liked the campus architecture and were impressed by the size of the campus, Messavussu said.

At the end of each day, the students took part in a “video reflections” activity.

“It’s a way for us to help the students capture the memories of coming here,” Messavussu said. “So we record them talking about their experiences and what they thought of their day.”

For many students, the trip to Binghamton was not only their first time on a college campus, but also their first time outside of New York City.

“The idea of a campus is foreign to them,” said Messavussu, who is called “Mr. Brice” by some of his students. “They were amazed by the East Gym and the Susquehanna Room.”

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