Outgoing University President C. Peter Magrath honored


President C. Peter Magrath takes a seat in the new chair that was given to him as a retirement gift at a Dec. 6 reception as vice presidents Marcia Craner, left, Bahgat Sammakia, second from left, Jim Van Voorst, center, Brian Rose and Interim Provost Jean-Pierre (Peter) Mileur and Magrath's wife, the Rev. Susan Thon, applaud during the celebration at Old Union Hall in the University Union. Photo by Jonathan Cohen

The man who has served as Binghamton University’s youngest and oldest president was honored by the campus community Dec. 6 for his ageless energy, enthusiasm and optimistic leadership.

In turn, President C. Peter Magrath paid tribute to those who make Binghamton University thrive on a daily basis.

“This is a very special place,” he said. “It’s special because everybody who serves here really cares about the enterprise. … Whether they are shoveling snow or cutting grass or they are faculty in the laboratory – people really care. And that makes this place unbelievably special.”

Magrath, 78, will retire at the end of the month after beginning a second term as president on July 1, 2010. He previously served as president from 1972-1974.

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