Anti-Racism Research & Resource Guide Now Available

Multiple anthropomorphic, red game pieces stand in a group, separated from a single black game piece
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

We have created the Anti-Racism Research & Resource Guide that provides a curated selection of resources and materials on topics related to anti-racism, racial justice and systemic racism. It is a tool to support those interested in learning more about these topics and is a launching point for those interested in conducting research on these subjects. The guide also serves as a resource for instructors who are interested in diversifying or decolonizing their course readings and resources. 
Resources include: 

  • Books from the library collection 
  • podcasts and videos
  • databases for research 
  • reading lists are just some of the many resources included. 

We welcome feedback, suggestions and recommendations to help develop and strengthen this resource. The guide is part of the Libraries’ ongoing efforts to address systemic racism.