The Libraries’ graduating student employees highlight – Class of 2024

Graphic illustration of silhouettes of students in caps and gowns celebrating.

Congratulations to our graduating student employees! Across all our locations, our student employees helped keep the Libraries running this year whether it was shelving books, working behind the scenes cataloguing or assisted patrons at our Reader Services desk. To celebrate, here is a highlight of some of our graduating student employees. We wish our graduates all the best as they continue with their next chapter!

Misha Bader (he / him)

Resource Sharing and Lending

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Medieval and Early Modern Studies Major

Next Step: Attending UAlbany to pursue a Master’s degree in Information Science with a focus in Library Sciences.

  • Favorite moment working at the Libraries:
    • Being able to connect scholars all across the globe with the material they need to continue their research.
  • Library advice for future students:
    • Interlibrary loan is an absolutely fantastic resource for getting any research material on any topic you could possibly imagine!
  • Go-to favorite Libraries study spot:
    • Bartle’s fourth floor tables are nice to sit at late in the day and feel the sunlight pass through.

photo of Ava Cardillo in a green graduation gown.

Ava Cardillo (she / her)

Reader Services, Bartle Library

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Politics, Law and English with concentrations in Global Culture and Creative Writing

Next Step: Attending Fordham University School of Law as an incoming J.D. candidate.

  • Favorite moment working at the Libraries:
    • Just getting to know everyone at the reader services desk!
  • Library advice for future students:
    • The reader services desk offers literally everything from phone chargers to bandaids.
  • Go-to favorite Libraries study spot:
    • Special collections/fine arts. I like a darker and more quiet place to really zone in.

Photo of Shravani Cherupally in a green grass field.

Shravani Cherupally (she / her / hers)

Special Collections, Bartle Library

Degree: Master of Science, Major in Computer Science

Next Step: Actively looking to find professional opportunities in software industry.

  • Favorite moment working at the Libraries:
    • I worked as Special Collections Assistant under Madison White’s supervision and guidance. My favorite moment while working at the Libraries was during the process of organizing the William Klenz collection in the Special Collections department at Bartle Library. Going through the archival materials, I discovered an array of items that showcased the rich culture and history from Klenz’s time. It felt like a journey back in time, connecting with the art and artifacts that reflected the music professor’s life and work. I also enjoyed the calming view from my workspace, which faced a large window that allowed me to appreciate the changing weather, especially during snowfall and spring. This combination of discovering ancient artifacts and having a serene workspace made my time at the Libraries truly memorable.
  • Library advice for future students:
    • One piece of advice I would give to future students is to explore all the resources the library offers beyond just books. Before working at the library, I didn’t realize the extent of the archival collections and the wealth of information stored there. In addition to the extensive book collections, the library provides access to unique historical items, digital exhibits and online archival databases. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff for help; they are a valuable resource for navigating and making the most of your library experience.
  • Go-to favorite Libraries study spot:
    • My go-to study spot in the library is the fine-arts collection study space, where individual rooms are available for focused study. It’s a quiet and peaceful area, perfect for deep work or preparation for exams. For a more relaxed environment, I also enjoy the South study lounge, where I can take a break, have my lunch and even watch something to relax. The lounge has a more informal vibe, allowing me to unwind and recharge before getting back to work.

Photo of Emma Connolly in graduation gown raising a graduation cap over her head.

Emma Connolly (she / her)

Special Collections, Bartle Library

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, History Major with minors in Human Rights and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Next Step: Attending Queen’s University Belfast in Belfast, Northern Ireland to pursue a Master’s degree in Public History.

  • Favorite moment working at the Libraries:
    • Being able to experience working in an archival environment was so amazing this year, and it’s really made me excited for what I can explore in my own career. Also, finding an old flip phone in a collection that I was working on was pretty exciting!
  • Library advice for future students:
    • I would advise future students to use the library to do work instead of trying to do it in your house or dorm. The presence of other students doing work helped to keep me actually doing work instead of scrolling on my phone, and it also helped to keep my room a place to relax instead of a place to do homework. I would also advise them to see if their textbooks/required books are available at the library first, before buying or renting them. I was able to borrow many of my class texts from the library throughout the semester, which saved me a lot of money.
  • Go-to favorite Libraries study spot:
    • The second floor study desks in the Science Library that look out over the greenhouses. It was always such a quiet and calm environment to do work in, and being able to look out of the window so often offered a nice quick break from doing work 🙂

Photo of Christine Giurcanu.

Christine Giurcanu

Access Services, Science Library

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major with a Minor in Sociology

Next Step: Attending NYU to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work.

  • Favorite moment working at the Libraries:
    • The lovely, supportive staff!
  • Library advice for future students:
    • We send out resource requests across the country (and Canada)!
  • Go-to favorite Libraries study spot:
    • Ground floor of Science Library near the windows, I love to study near nature light

photo of Rujuta Vaidya on a wooden deck with tables.

Rujuta Vaidya (she / her)

Reader Services, Science Library

Degree: Master of Science, Computer Science

Next Step: Moving to New Jersey to explore professional opportunities in Software Engineering and Data Science.

  • Favorite moment working at the Libraries:
    • I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of making the weekly board questions and adding some artistic flair by drawing on the board. It was a fun way to engage with library patrons and spark their curiosity.
    • Working alongside my supervisors, Anna, Shannon and Scott, was another cherished aspect of my time at the Libraries. Their guidance and support enriched my experience and helped me grow both personally and professionally. Collaborating with them on various projects and receiving their mentorship was truly invaluable. It’s the dynamic relationships like these that make the workplace not just productive, but also enjoyable and fulfilling.
  • Library advice for future students:
    • To future students, my advice would be to cherish your time in the library while you’re a student. It truly flies by faster than you can imagine. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich resources and vibrant community that the library offers. Engage with fellow students, librarians and faculty members; strike up conversations, ask questions and seek out collaborations. Attend events, workshops and lectures that pique your interest.
    • The library isn’t just a place to study—it’s a hub of learning, exploration and connection. Soak up as much knowledge and experience as you can during your time there. Build relationships, discover new interests, and challenge yourself to grow intellectually and personally. Ultimately, make the most of every moment, because before you know it, your time as a student will come to an end.
  • Go-to favorite Libraries study spot:
    • My go-to library study spot, and perhaps my favorite, is definitely the Science Library. Being biased is only natural when you work there, right? The newly installed pod in the Science Library is a gem—it’s not only a peaceful haven for studying but also perfect for sneaking in a quick power nap between study sessions.
    • For those intense focus study sessions, the study carrels in the Science Library are unbeatable. There’s something about the cozy, enclosed space that helps block out distractions and allows you to dive deep into your work.