Be Our Guest Curator

The Bartle Lobby Guest Curator Program is now looking for submissions! Open to faculty, staff, students and any other members of the University community, the Bartle Lobby Guest Curator Program offers the chance to create, display, and curate your own exhibitions in the Bartle Library lobby.

The subcommittee members act as liaisons for the Guest Curator, but the Guest Curator is responsible for every step of the exhibit process, including the inception, creation, curation, and dismantling of their exhibit. Any University community members who would like to put up an exhibit can submit their ideas and read more about the process here:

The exhibit will be housed in two exhibit cases in the Bartle Lobby with adjustable shelves, and the Guest Curator can use any library material available for check out, with the understanding that it may be recalled. Additional events, such as lectures and performances, may also be discussed in advance and be part of the Guest Curator’s exhibit, with the help of a subcommittee liaison. Any other resources are either at the Guest Curator’s own risk/expense or will be negotiated with the subcommittee.

Check out the current exhibit in Bartle Lobby about information literacy, and be sure to submit your own ideas for a great opportunity to exercise some creativity and gain exhibit experience! The Program Chair is happy to answer any questions about a submission and help the curator along in the process; please contact her at