Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) on the ORB

Binghamton University’s institutional repository, the ORB, is an open platform where faculty, students and university affiliates can share their scholarly works for increased discoverability and access. For students, it is a great place to share the hard work and expertise gained during their time at Binghamton University through dissertations, capstones, theses, presentations and other projects. By sharing their work on the ORB, students have a place they can link to via resumes, websites or curriculum vitaes for prospective employers and to share with their current and future colleagues, family and friends.
For 2018, we had 40 dissertations and theses shared on the ORB, with more being added through fall. Check out the dissertations and theses that have been added by students in 2018 and earlier, and remember to check back for new additions!