TAE Citizenship, Rights and Cultural Belonging Working Papers published in The ORB

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TAE Citizenship, Rights and Cultural Belonging Working Papers Series Published in the Libraries’ Open Repository @ Binghamton 

In partnership with the Citizenship, Rights and Cultural Belonging Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence (TAE), the Libraries are publishing their Working Paper Series on the Open Repository @ Binghamton known as The ORB.  The ORB allows scholars to promote and share their work openly to a broad global audience.

The Citizenship, Rights and Cultural Belonging TAE “seeks new understandings of citizenship, rights and belonging” and “supports collaborative inquiries that explore their transformations in different times and places, as well as their viability as ideas that are connected to practices and institutions in the face of the conflicts that often surround them and in which they get entwined.” 

The most recent Citizenship, Rights and Cultural Belonging TAE Working Papers cover COVID-19 related topics, including comparisons of public health responses and policies in Sweden and Norway; Qatar and the United Arab Emirates; Indonesia and Malaysia; and the United States and United Kingdom. Another paper studied the response to COVID by Democratic U.S. governors by gender in the United States. An additional essay reviews institutional and government systems impact on generating policy in response to crisis. There are also two original datasets available of “stringency of public health policy measures that were adopted in response to COVID-19 worldwide by governments.”

The papers are co-authored by Binghamton faculty with current and former students as well as scholars from other universities and institutions, including European University Institute and Rutgers School of Health Professions. Several papers are authored by current Binghamton students.  The Working Paper Series invites new submissions.

The ORB is the Libraries’ institutional repository and publishing platform. The platform allows faculty, students and researchers affiliated with Binghamton University to promote, share and archive scholarly and creative works with audiences both locally and around the globe. Authors and editors interested in publishing on The ORB can work with the Libraries to customize the design and layout of their publications.  

For more information about The Orb, visit The Open Repository @ Binghamton or contact orb@binghamton.edu.