Update on the Kanopy Platform

Recently, the University Libraries made some significant changes to Kanopy, our streaming video service. We wanted to inform everyone about these changes as they impact access to films via Kanopy. We also ask all faculty using Kanopy for classes this semester check to make sure your films are active. If Kanopy asks you to fill out a form, please fill out the form and contact Caryl Ward, Head of Acquisitions, (cward@binghamton.edu / 607 777-4926) and/or Jim Galbraith, Head of Collection Development, (jgalbrai@binghamton.edu / 607-777-4912), so we can make sure the film is licensed for your class. Thank you.
Kanopy is a streaming video platform that enables users to access a wide variety of videos. Unlike Netflix and similar services, Kanopy provides access not to an individual, but the entire Binghamton campus. Until recently, the Libraries have been using a Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA) model to license videos through Kanopy. With the PDA model, Kanopy’s film catalog is made available for viewing. When a video is viewed 4 times for more than 30 seconds, a one-year license for campus-wide use is automatically purchased; these licenses cost between $120 and $150 per film.
Recently, we became aware that Kanopy has not been providing us with clear and timely billing information critical to managing our subscription. Unfortunately, this has led to problems managing the resource, and necessitating that we take action.
We are working with Kanopy to resolve these issues, but until we are confident in Kanopy’s accounting and invoicing practices, we can no longer offer access to Kanopy through the unrestricted PDA model. So, we are moving to a “moderated” model. With the moderated model, while we will continue to have access to films that we have already licensed, when you attempt to watch an unlicensed film, you will be prompted to submit a request to purchase the video. We will no longer have automatic licensing after 4 views.
Obviously, this situation is not ideal. During the fall semester, we will work with faculty who are using Kanopy as part of their curriculum to ensure that films are available for classes and minimize the impact of this necessary change. We will also be exploring alternative licensing/streaming services for films.
Please don’t hesitate to contact Caryl Ward or Jim Galbraith if you have any concerns or questions.
Thank you,
Jim Galbraith
Head of Collection Development