British Library brings all four Magna Carta manuscripts together for the first time in history


There are only four original Magna Carta documents from 1215 which survive. Two are kept at the British Library, one at Lincoln Cathedral and one at Salisbury Cathedral. Now, for the first time in history these manuscripts will all be in the same place.

For one day only on 3rd February 2015, the British Library, Lincoln Cathedral and Salisbury Cathedral are inviting 1,215 people to come and experience the four Magna Carta manuscripts side by side as part of a special event at the British Library.

Winners of the ballot will be given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the four 800 year old manuscripts, and will also be given a special introduction to the history and legacy of the Magna Carta from historian and TV presenter Dan Jones.

The ballot to win tickets to attend is available at It is free to enter and will remain open until 31 Oct, after which the winners will be selected at random.

This unification event will kick-start a year of celebrations happening across the UK and the world to mark the 800th anniversary of the granting of the Magna Carta.

Following the event, the four Magna Carta manuscripts will be separated for display in their home institutions as part of major anniversary exhibitions in 2015: the British Library will host ‘Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy’ from 13 March-1 September, Salisbury Cathedral will open their new permanent exhibition ‘Magna Carta – The Power of Words’ from February, and Lincoln Cathedral’s Magna Carta will take pride of place in a new Magna Carta Vault at Lincoln Castle opening on 1 April.

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