The Bichon Frisé in Art

A Bichon joins a May Day boating party.
Illustration from a Book of Hours by the Master of James IV of Scotland (; Scotland; ca. 1510)
Location: London, British Library
Photo: Collins, p.43
Edward J. Shephard, Jr., Head of Collection Development for Binghamton University Libraries has put together an online exhibition, The Bichon Frisé in Art.
According to Mr. Shephard: “This is an exhibition of depictions of the Bichon Frisé in various works of art spanning over 2,000 years. It includes artworks that explicitly identify the subjects as Bichons or as ancestors of the breed, as well as other works that I(in my admittedly non-expert judgment) have deemed to be possible depictions of the Bichon Frisé or its ancestors.”
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