Not interested in Pilgrims? Here are some alternative Thanksgiving themed books, music, and poetry to help you survive the holidays

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Conversational style: analyzing talk among friends by Deborah Tannen. New York: Oxford University Press. 2005.

P95. T36 2005,  Alumni Authors Collection, University Archives

This revised edition of Deborah Tannen’s first discourse analysis book, Conversational Style–first published in 1984–presents an approach to analyzing conversation that later became the hallmark and foundation of her extensive body of work in discourse analysis, including the monograph Talking Voices, as well as her well-known popular books You Just Don’t Understand, That’s Not What I Meant!, and Talking from 9 to 5, among others. Carefully examining the discourse of six speakers over the course of a two-and-a-half hour Thanksgiving dinner conversation, Tannen analyzes the features that make up the speakers’ conversational styles, and in particular how aspects of what she calls a ‘high-involvement style’ have a positive effect when used with others who share the style, but a negative effect with those whose styles differ.  This revised edition includes a new preface and an afterword in which Tannen discusses the book’s place in the evolution of her work. Conversational Style is written in an accessible and non-technical style that should appeal to scholars and students of discourse analysis (in fields like linguistics, anthropology, communication, sociology, and psychology) as well as general readers fascinated by Tannen’s popular work. This book is an ideal text for use in introductory classes in linguistics and discourse analysis.

Donovan, H.P. Lovecraft, Mother Earth:  Thanksgiving weekend, Fillmore Auditorium, Nov. 23-25, Winterland Ballroom, Glenn Mckay’s Headlights by Nicholas Kouninos. 1967.

ML3534. K66 1967, Center for the Study of the 1960s Collection

Poster from a concert held in San Francisco just after the end of the Summer of Love.  The color poster measures 54 x 36 cm.

The Fire Music by Liz Rosenberg. Pittsburgh, PA : University of Pittsburgh Press.  1986.

PS3568. O7874 F57 1986 Faculty Authors Collection, Faculty Archives

Liz Rosenberg is faculty member at Binghamton, and this book is her first full-length collection.  It won the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize for 1985.  The work contains poems that deal with children, holidays, nature, the past, marriage, aging, mortality, travel, dreams, and memories.  The great theme of the book is mourning, and an elegiac tone runs through it from the dedication onward.

New England holidays:  a symphony. New York, NY.:  CBS Masterworks, p1988.

This performance was recorded at the Medinah Temple in Chicago, Illinois.  It was preformed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with Michael Tilson Thomas as the conductor.  The contents of the CD include:  New England holidays, Washington’s Birthday, Decoration Day and Thanskgiving.

CBS MK42381, The Conole Archive, Special Collections

And, if you need MORE Thanksgiving poetry, here’s yet another opus on the topic.


Thanksgiving in poetry: poems /  chosen by a committee of the Carnegie Library School Association.  New York : H.W. Wilson Co. 1923.

PN6110. T6 T46 1923,  Rare Book Collection

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