Rarebooks trial

BU Libraries will be hosting a trial of, which runs until January 14, 2008. provides 101 electronic bibliographies online. Subjects cover early printing, world literature, natural history, science, medicine, theology, cultural and area studies, Judaica, music, theology, art and architecture, among others. Key bibliographies include standard reference works by Goff (Incunabula), Brunet (Manuel), Sabin (Americana), Fairfax Murray (French and German books), and many more hard-to-find works.
Subscribers gain instant access to full digital facsimiles of all electronic bibliographies. With full-text search capabilities across more than 600,000 pages, this resource provides research opportunities in many disciplines. Subscribers can search individual bibliographies, as well as the entire database, by keyword(s). Advanced search options make possible retrieval of information by topic searches. Bibliographies can also be browsed, and results are easily saved and printed.
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