Amplifying Authors

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Part of the Libraries’ strategic mission is to decolonize its collections. To “decolonize” means to accept the idea that all aspects of American life are influenced by perspectives of race, class and gender, and to then reflect on how definitions of race, class and gender have been largely defined by the individuals and groups who support their own rise to power. On a macro-level, we see this in American politics through the wave of individuals from historically marginalized cultures being elected to important government positions at unprecedented rates. At the university library level this can be seen in the purchasing power of subject librarians whose budgets are becoming more equalized as new courses of study develop over time.  

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In plain language, decolonizing a collection means reviewing resources to make sure that as a whole, all print and electronic University Libraries’ collections present all manner of intellectually stimulating topics and that they are produced by viewpoints that are as varied.  Instruction and Outreach Librarian Jillian Sandy supports the process of uncovering the roles of historically marginalized groups and previously taboo topics in society by issuing a monthly blog post focused on works authored by or about writers, creators, researchers and activists from outside the dominant perspective.

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