Geography as “The Interactive Bible: Fiction and Faith in the Bible historiale”

Jeanette Patterson, lecturer in French at the University of Virginia and candidate for assistant professor of medieval studies and digital humanities at Binghamton, will give a talk at 5 p.m. today, Tuesday, Jan. 27, in the IASH Conference Room, LN-1106. The campus is invited to attend.

In the medieval vernaculars, the traditional authority of biblical history mingles with the new, the possible, the might have been. Guyart des Moulins’s Bible historiale is no exception.

Patterson will discuss how the translator’s, scribes’ and bookmakers’ collective interventions to make the Bible French create a customized space for readers to inhabit and explore, drawing upon the narrative habits of imaginative literature, and will consider what digital humanities can bring to bear on our understanding of the immersive, interactive reading experience invited by the Bible historiale and of medieval textualities.

Affiliated with the Material and Visual Worlds Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence.