Pass it On! Preservation Week is April 22nd-28th

Preservation Week gives libraries, special collections and archives the opportunity to connect to users and communities through events, activities, and resources that highlight what we can do, individually and together, to preserve our personal and shared collections.

The Binghamton University Libraries are strongly committed to providing and preserving access to materials within the libraries. Significant amounts of our library materials are in paper format and many of these often irreplaceable materials are deteriorating on our shelves. Providing methods for efficient and effective preservation and continued access to the intellectual contents of these volumes is essential.

Our Preservation Department is responsible for the long-term care of the rich and unique collections contained in the Binghamton University Libraries’ collections. Preservation activities include but are not restricted to: education, outreach, research, repair, and conservation.

A comprehensive preservation program includes a system of plans, policies, procedures, and resources required to care properly for and prolong the life of the Library’s collections.  An active preservation program conserves collections through the application of preventive and corrective measures and promotes respect for the Library and its holdings.  The Preservation Department leads the preservation program by establishing and implementing relevant policies and procedures.  Preservation treatment decisions for Library materials are made by members of the Preservation Department in collaboration with relevant selectors, curators, bibliographers, and/or technical experts.

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