Abraham Lincoln : His Book is Featured Book for February

Abraham Lincoln : his book; a facsimile reproduction of the original with an explanatory note by J. McCan Davis is our featured book for February 2011.
Part of the Howard Collection, this diminutive book holds facsimiles of newspaper clippings of Lincoln’s speeches on the subject of Negro equality, pasted by him in a small pocket memorandum book, with manuscript notes and a letter.
In his opening explanatory note, J. McCan Davis writes: “This book – the only one now or ever extant of its illustrious authorship – owes its existence to the political campaign of 1858, when the opposing candidates for United States Senator from Illinois were Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Doughlas. The issue was slavery – whether, as Mr. Lincoln [who, at that time, did not advocate emancipation] contended, it should be restricted to the states in which it already existed, or, as Judge Douglas advocated, it should be permitted to invade the new territories if agreeable to the people thereof.
To see this fascinating tome, please visit Special Collections, on the second floor of the Glenn G. Bartle Library (off of the North Reading Room) and ask for Special Collections Howard — E449 .L72 1909. Or call Special Collections at (607) 777-4844 for more information.