Sylvia’s Farm is Featured Book for January 2010

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Sylvia’s Farm: The Journal of an Improbable Shephard by Sylvia Jorrin is a collection of essays from a woman who bought 85 acres of land and a house with more than 25 rooms who had the intention of serving afternoon tea to her family and friends.
As so often happens, reality clashed with a dream and life was the result. Sylvia’s life in the Catskill Mountains, going on for more than two decades now, is full of 150 sheep, fourteen goats, a Border Collie, cats, chickens and a donkey.
(from, 1/15/2010)
Sylvia’s Farm is the tale of life on the farm, and all the hard and heartbreaking lessons it teaches. Told in short vignettes that span a decade, it is a journal of growth, persistence, and the unexpected joys that a new day can bring.
To see the book come to Special Collections, located off the North Reading Room on the second floor of the Bartle Library, and ask for SPEC COLL LOCAL SF 375.32 .J67 A3 2005.