Eighteenth Annual Freedeman Memorial Lecture

Molly Green, professor of history and hellenic studies, Princeton University, will deliver the 18th annual Freedeman Memorial Lecture at 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13, in FA-Casadesus. She will speak on “The Ottoman Empire and Diversity in the Early Modern World.” Green studies the history of the Mediterranean Basin, the Ottoman Empire and the Greek world. Her interests include the social and economic history of the Ottoman Empire, the experience of Greeks under Ottoman rule, Mediterranean piracy and the institution of the market. Her books include A Shared World: Christians and Muslims in the Early Modern Mediterranean, which appeared in 2000 and examines the transition from Venetian to Ottoman rule on the island of Crete. The lecture, which is co-sponsored by the dean of Harpur College of Arts and Sciences, is free and open to the public.