From Cave Paintings to the Internet is Cool Site for January 2009

caveartnew.jpg An individual project of Jeremy M. Norman, author of From Gutenberg to the Internet, From Cave Paintings to the Internet: An Annotated Interactive Timeline on the History of Information and Media is an interactive version of my timeline on the history of information and media. Since publication of a brief static version in the 2005 book, From Gutenberg to the Internet, this timeline has been a work in progress, and as it has grown so has its scope.
Late in 2008, with the help of a web designer, this static version was converted to an interactive database. As of January 4, 2009 the timeline had 2069 annotated entries, nearly all of which had one or more hyperlinks to online references and images. There were also seventy themes by which the timeline could be searched. Individual timeline entries were indexed by up to eight themes. Referencing and drawing facts and information from hundreds of reference books and websites on the history of information, the creator continues to revise, correct and expand the timeline on a regular basis. More details and instructions on searching and access is available at the site.