Library of Congress offers tips for “Preparing, Protecting, and Preserving Family Treasures”

Have a shoebox of photographs under the bed? Or your great-grandparents’ marriage certificate rolled up in a drawer? How about a family bible?
The Library of Congress has an excellent site called Preparing, Protecting, and Preserving Family Treasures that offers tips on saving all types of family heirlooms, keepsapes, and other treasures from deterioration and loss.
Tips include:
Making copies of family photographs and documents and sharing with other family members to provide back up copies in other locations
Avoiding basements and attics when storing family treasures.
Storing paper items flat instead of rolled or folded.
Removing materials such as cardboard, rubber bands, paper clips from photographs and other materials.
And more!
Visit Preparing, Protecting, and Preserving Family Treasures today and be sure that your family treasures are preserved and protected for many generations to come!