Statista Trial

The Libraries are doing a trial of the Statista database until the end of the month (May 1st). Statista is a statistics portal that provides data on over 80,000 topics from more than 10,000 different sources including agriculture, advertising, health, hospitality, industries, consumer goods, and much more. Also provides statistics on the current coronavirus situation.

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Data Planet: Database Trial

The Libraries are doing a trial of the Data Planet database.  Data Planet is a dynamic repository of officially sourced statistical data.  Focus is primarily on U.S. statistics, but there is international data available as well.  As with most library trial databases, it is only accessible from campus.  Trial ends March 10, 2020.

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New Economics Books

 Understanding economic change : advances in evolutionary economics, ed. by Ulrich Witt and Andreas Chai. Bartle HB97.3 .U53 2019


 A contemporary historiography of economics, ed. by Duppe Till and E. Roy Weintraub. Bartle HB75 .C66 2019


 Where economics went wrong : Chicago’s abandonment of classical liberalism, by David C. Colander and Craig Freedman. Bartle HD87 .C653 2019


 Addictive consumption : capitalism, modernity and excess, by Gerda Reith. e-book.



 Global economic history, ed. by Tirthankar Roy and Giorgio Riello.  Bartle Stacks HC51 .G56 2019


 Handbook of behavioral economics : foundations and applications, ed. by B. Douglas Bernheim, Stefano Della Vigna and David I. Laibson.  Bartle HB74.P8 H3624 2018


 At a crossroads : Russia in the global economy, by S. A. Kulik, Igor Iur’evitch and Nikita Maslennikov. Bartle HC340.12 .K85 2019


The rise of the sharing economy : exploring the challenges and opportunities of collaborative consumption, ed. by Pia A. Albinsson and B. Yasanthi Perera. e-book


 The economics of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), by Joseph Pelzman. Bartle HC415.15 .P45 2019


 Routledge handbook of the history of women’s economic thought, ed. by Kirsten K. Madden and Robert W. Diamond. e-book




Workers on arrival : Black labor in the making of America, by Joe William Trotter. Bartle  HD8081.A65 T77 2019 


 Markets and morals : justifying kidney sales and legalizing prostitution, by Yew-Kang Ng. Bartle HB72 .N4896 2019



 Blockchain economics : implications of distributed ledgers : markets, communications networks, and algorithmic reality, ed. by Melanie Swan. Bartle HG173 .B574 2019


Econometric analysis of stochastic dominance : concepts, methods, tools, and applicationsby Yoon Jae Whang.  Bartle  HB135 .W464 2019

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MarketLine Advantage-New Business Database

The Libraries have replaced the IBISworld database with MarketLine Advantage.  This database tracks company and industry competition, strategy, market share, trends, deals, mergers, acquisitions, influencers, analyst reports, and forecasting. Reports are all full-text.  Reports for large companies often include a SWOT analysis. Many reports are in real time, often generated from primary data gathered from industry-specific associations.

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New Management Books

Business model innovation in the era of the Internet of Things : studies on the aspects of evaluation, decision making and tooling, ed. by Jan F. Tesch. e-book.


 Global supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry, ed. by Hamed Nozari and Agnieszka Szmelter. Bartle HD9665.5 .G57 2019.


 Big data and knowledge sharing in virtual organizations, ed. by Albert Gyamfi and Idongesit Williams. e-book.



 Digital business analysis, by Fredrik Milani. e-book.



 Organization design, ed. by John Joseph, et al. e-book.



 Creativity on demand : the dilemmas of innovation in an accelerated age, by Eitan Y. Wilf. e-book.




 Business development : customer-oriented business development for successful companies, by Andreas Kohne. e-book.


 Futures thinking and organizational policy : case studies for managing rapid change in technology, globalization and workforce diversity, ed. by Deborah A. Schreiber and Zane L. Berg. Bartle HD30.28 .F88 2019


 Integrating business process models and rules : empirical evidence and decision framework, by Wei Wang. e-book.




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New Library Subject Guide–Environmental Economics

A new subject guide in the area of Environmental Economics has been published.  It covers databases and data sources.  Statistics for carbon trading, renewable resources, petroleum and coal, as well as nuclear power are covered.  There is a link to the Libraries’ subject guides on the Libraries’ homepage.

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Economist Historical Archive

The Libraries have recently purchased the backfiles of The Economist.  Up to this point, our coverage only went back to 1988.  The historical backfile covers 1843-2015 and can be found several different ways. Users can search under Economist in our list of databases,  use our Journals tab or simply look in FindIt.  Current Economist articles are available in various databases.

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Bloomberg Terminal Now Requires Reservations

The Bloomberg terminal, (located just inside the Government Documents room in Bartle Library) now requires reservations.  The reservations link is:

Another way to access the reservations page to click on the Services link at the top of the Library homepage. From there, click on Study Room & Bloomberg Reservations, and then, Bartle Library Group Room Reservations.  On the following page, use the pulldown menu to select Bloomberg Terminal.

Reservation limits

No more than eight, 30 minute sessions in a day
No more than twelve, 30 minutes sessions in a week

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New IBISWorld Addition–State Reports

The IBISWorld database, which features report on U.S., Chinese, and global industries, now has a new component–State Reports.  This part of the database covers industries on a state level.  This is a new part of the database–so far, the only states covered are New York and California.  Additional states will be added in the upcoming months.  State Reports can be accessed via the general IBISWorld entry–there is no separate database heading.

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Bloomberg Terminal Information

Thanks to the generosity of the School of Management, the Libraries installed our first Bloomberg terminal this semester.  The terminal is located just inside the door of the Government Documents room, which is to the far left of the Bartle Library Research Help desk.  There is no sign up for the terminal–it is first come, first served.  Use of the terminal is restricted to Binghamton University faculty, staff and students and is to be used for academic purposes only. Enrollment in the School of Management is not required. Registration is required for use of the terminal–this may take up to 15 minutes or so.  It may be helpful to have a cell phone when registering, as codes may be sent to you.

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