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Stock image of School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences students learn skills at the Clinical Practice Laboratry at the Pharmacy Building in Johnson City, using the hospital exam rooms with the high fidelity mannequins, September 12, 2022.

Are you interested in a career in healthcare? There are a lot of interesting career paths available and the Libraries have books on a variety topics to help you explore those options. In collaboration with the Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, we are highlighting titles in our collection for the field of pharmacy!

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Below are highlights from the Libraries’ collection that are specifically focused on pharmacy and general resources for a career in healthcare.

Pharmacy focused books:

cover of "The Pharmacist: Career Journey; Planning for Career Development, Progression, and Maximization" by Bradley-Baker and Gandhi

The pharmacist career journey: planning for career development, progression, and maximization

By Lynette R. Bradley-Baker and Nidhi Gandhi

“As pharmacists in different stages of career development, a focus on and commitment to career planning are important during all stages of a pharmacist’s career journey. Refocusing on a specific pathway, especially during a period of disillusionment, can provide new perspectives, plans, and ideas that can contribute to career enhancement, repurpose, or change.  The authors of this book aim to provide resources and actionable planning steps for pharmacists to use throughout their career spectrum.”

Cover of "Introduction to Acute & Ambulatory Care: Pharmacy Practice" by Holdford

Introduction to acute and ambulatory care pharmacy practice

Edited by David A. Holdford 

“Pharmacy students and technicians can gain a professional head start by learning essential vocabulary, legal and regulatory issues, and the core clinical and administrative pharmacy operations in various practice settings. It is also a useful reference for new practitioners and anyone else interested in institutional pharmacy’s current financial, technological, and distributional systems.”

Cover of "Letters from Women in Pharmacy; Stories on Integrating Life and Career" by White, Boyer and Vanderpool

Letters from Women in Pharmacy

Edited by Sara J White, Susan Teil Boyer, and Hannah K. Vanderpool

“Letters from Women in Pharmacy emphasizes each person’s specific journey, all unique but similar in reaching for their potential as both a pharmacist and woman. It emphasizes the multiple successful approaches to blending a career and personal life.” 

cover of "Letters to a Young Pharmacist; Even More Sage Advice on Life & Career" by Cantrell, White and Scott

Letters to a young pharmacist: even more sage advice on life & career

By Susan A. Cantrell, Sara J. White, and Bruce E. Scott

“Delivers even more advice and insight for new pharmacists through 35 personal letters providing practical guidance, ideas and inspiration—all drawn from the writers’ experiences. Learn from people who have faced many of the same career and life experiences that lie ahead of you on a multitude of topics”

cover of "A Brief History of Pharmacy; Humanity's Search for Wellness" by Zebroski

A brief history of pharmacy: humanity’s search for wellness

By Bob Zebroski

“A Brief History of Pharmacy: Humanity’s Search for Wellness seeks to explain how pharmacy became an integral part of our lives. From the Mesopotamians to the corner drug store, Bob Zebroski describes how treatments were sought, highlights some of the main victories of each time period, and shows how we came to be people who rely on drugs to feel better, to live longer, and look younger. This accessible survey of pharmaceutical history is essential reading for all students of pharmacy”

General highlights:

cover of "Careers in Healthcare and Beyond; Tools, Resources, and Questions to Prepare You for What's Next" by Lee

Careers in healthcare and beyond: tools, resources, and questions to prepare you for what’s next

By Evelyn Lee

“This book is intended for someone curious to learn more about a career in healthcare, but not certain if it is right for them, or if the industry would be a good fit for them. For the person who is already interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, it provides added excitement to continue on this path. For the person who is less certain, it explores in a narrative format, the unique opportunities that are available in healthcare, and career options that are not obvious to the general public. It is designed to provide added insights and stories that will inspire one to learn more about the field of healthcare and the many opportunities to consider. It will encourage readers to explore ways to gain hands-on experience to determine what is the best approach for them to take to start this journey. This book is also intended for those who currently work in healthcare but may be considering a different job in the field.”

cover of "Faculty of Color in the Health Professions; Stories of Survival and Success" by Hassouneh

Faculty of color in the health professions: stories of survival and success

By Dena Hassouneh

“This book provides the first in-depth examination of the experiences of a large sampling of faculty members of color in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry schools across the United States. Anchoring her study in grounded theory, Dena Hassouneh draws on extraordinary interviews with one hundred diverse faculty members—together with rich contextual data—to illuminate the deeply entrenched cultural and institutional challenges to equity that they confront. She also presents practical strategies to overcome those challenges.”

Cover of "How to Think in Medicine; Reasoning, Decision Making, and Communication in Health Sciences and Professions" by Jenicek

How to think in medicine: reasoning, decision making, and communication in health sciences and professions

By Milos Jenicek

“How to Think in Medicine, Reasoning, Decision Making, and Communications in Health Sciences… describes how physicians and health professionals reason, make decisions, and practice medicine. Covering the basic considerations related to clinical and caregiver reasoning, it lays out a roadmap to help those new to health care as well as seasoned veterans overcome the complexities of working for the well-being of those who trust us with their physical and mental health.”

These are just a few examples. Ask-A-Librarian for help finding more!

Summaries of books are quoted from publisher information.