Valentines for Molly Peacock secret poetry room

image of a wooden door slightly ajar revealing a room that has wooden floors and olive green walls

Tucked away in the stacks of the Glenn G. Bartle Library at Binghamton University, the Molly Peacock Secret Poetry Room will be a secluded space for Binghamton’s future poets and writers to scribe and think. 

The idea behind the Molly Peacock Secret Poetry Room is to recreate the space that Molly Peacock, ’69 remembers discovering in the heart of Bartle Library when she was a student in the 1960s. She felt love for the refuge room and recalled it as “a place that was individual and imaginative –not cookie cutter,” said Peacock who is a poet, author, playwright and patron of Binghamton Libraries. This cozy hideaway, a comfy chair, a small desk and a bookshelf—is about to become a reality. 

Write a love poem to poets and writers this Valentine’s day.

Give a gift to the Libraries’ new Molly Peacock Secret Poetry Room

illustration of a red heart with blue and green peacock feathers on top.