The Libraries celebrate Data Privacy Week

Written by Elizabeth Brown, Director of Assessment

Data Privacy Week (January 22 -28, 2023) is designed to raise awareness of the need for mindfulness in our daily digital lives and is a great time to take a look at your information online and update settings and install extensions to reduce harmful intrusion into your personal data. 

In recognition of the week, the Libraries has some new information and upcoming events all about your data privacy.

What is Personal Data Privacy?

Personal data privacy is having more awareness and control over who sees data you create about yourself or what you share with others, usually on the web but also via other means. 

The volume of data everyone produces online is astounding. This is why personal data privacy is becoming so important for everyone to be aware of. Businesses can sell and use this data they collect and use it to help target products to you or limit what you see on a website.

How the Libraries can support your data privacy concerns. 

The Libraries has also prepared a guide on Data Privacy Best Practices with links to where you can review web settings and install browser extensions to better understand your data environment. 

To help everyone better examine and review their personal data privacy environment, the Libraries will be giving a Personal data privacy later this semester from 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. on Friday March 17 in the Digital Scholarship Center (SL209). 

This will be a great time to ask questions, review your personal privacy settings on the web and also take a deeper look at tools you can enable to screen out intrusive data collection of what you view online. 

Be sure to register for this hybrid session with this link or with the available QR Code.

More information about Data Privacy Week is available online from the National Cybersecurity Alliance.