The Libraries celebrate Digital Learning Day, highlights support for digital scholarship

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Today marks All4Ed’s 11th Annual Digital Learning Day! With technology ever-evolving with new hardware and software defining how we utilize different gadgets and interact with digital space, it is no surprise that scholarship would go hand-in-hand with what is digitally new. Especially with the world’s adoption of digital tools throughout the pandemic, the importance of investing in digital learning has never been more significant.

“Digital learning is any type of learning that is accompanied by technology and digital media,” said Amy Gay, Assistant Head of Digital Initiatives for Digital Scholarship. “It is meant to enhance the learning process developed via traditional methods, not replace them. Digital scholarship is important because it provides opportunities to share information and research in new ways, and provides students methods for learning digital literacy skills that are becoming an asset on the job market.”

In response to the growing importance of digital learning, the Libraries are doing their part to support this scholarship now and exploring ways to provide a more permanent resource to their ever-growing list of offerings in the future.

“The Libraries are investing in the people, space and resources to make digital scholarship successful and sustainable for our Binghamton community,” Gay said. “This includes our pilot Digital Scholarship Center located in Science Library building Room 209 and the development of a larger physical space as part of the renovation on the third floor of Bartle Library.”

The current Pilot Digital Scholarship Center has space for up to 20 people and includes collaborative items such as tables, dry-erase boards, projector and additional hardware and software for students to experiment with.

“The hope for Binghamton’s role for Digital Scholarship in the future is to help researchers at Binghamton not only keep up with innovation but to be the leaders of innovation in these areas,” said Gay. “The Libraries hope to continue building our support team, provide an open and collaborative flexible workspace where there is access to valuable hardware and software, and to continue developing workshops, resources, and events for showcasing projects developed by faculty and students.”

To learn more about Digital Scholarship and the Pilot Digital Scholarship Center including hours and specific technology available, visit the Libraries website using the links below.

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