Library renovation FAQ

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This FAQ is out of date. Please view our current Library Renovation FAQ here:

Q: What call number range is located on the 3rd Floor?
A: Call numbers on the 3rd Floor range from HN-Z are included in this move, with the exception of College of Community and Public Affairs and science subject materials, which are located at the UDC Library and Science Library, respectively. More information on call number locations can be found here:

Q: Where are the Bartle Library 3rd Floor books going during the renovations?
A: The majority of the 3rd Floor collection is currently being stored at an offsite location in Johnson City while shelving is erected in the ground floor of the Science Library. These books are scheduled to return to the Science Library ground floor from October through December 2022.  The Science Library ground floor will fully reopen for the Spring 2022 semester.

Q: Are the books temporarily stored off-site in Johnson City accessible during that time?
A: No, the books will not be accessible from this facility. However, you will be able to search for these books in our catalog and request another copy of the book through our SUNY Resource Sharing Network or Interlibrary loan (ILL) service. In Find It!, books stored off-site will show as “Currently unavailable – in temporary storage” until they are moved back to campus later this year.

The Libraries’ also offer a virtual Browse Shelf in Find It! that displays the books around the item you are viewing. Books are organized in call number order so you can browse both the print and electronic copies of books that would be on the shelf surrounding the item whose record you are currently viewing.

Q: When will I be able to access the collection again?
Before the floor fully reopens in the Spring, the Libraries plan to offer document delivery (paging) services for the books as they return to campus. Similar to the system used when books were being moved from the 3rd Floor to the offsite storage facility last Spring, the call number ranges of books available to be requested will be made publicly available and regularly updated as items return to campus. Physical items requested will be available for pickup from Libraries service desks.

Q: How do I request a book via the Find It! Catalog?
A: To request a book in Find It!, you must be signed in to your Library account. If you are not signed in, you will see a green “Sign In” button. Once signed in, you will be able to place request directly through the item’s record. The Libraries’ catalog will display books available in our library as well as all other SUNY libraries. This will provide access to more books that can be requested through our ILL service directly through the record in Find It!

Q:  How do I place books from the 3rd Floor on Course Reserves for the fall semester?
A: Use the Course Reserves tool to submit your requests at Reserves staff will investigate getting another copy. You may contact to seek alternate options. In addition, staff have pulled and set aside titles from the 3rd floor that have been used on Reserves in the past two years.

Q: Is the library a member of HathiTrust Digital Library?
A: Yes, the library recently joined HathiTrust. HathiTrust Digital Library provides patrons with access to over 17 million digitized volumes. Visit our HathiTrust guide for more information.

Q: Is all of the 3rd Floor collection coming back to campus?
A: Approximately 83% of the Bartle 3rd Floor collection will return to campus. These books will temporarily be stored in the Science Library ground floor during the 3rd Floor renovation. The remaining 17% was permanently relocated to our Annex (located in Conklin) in March 2021. 

Q: How were the books that were moved to the Annex chosen?
A: The books moved to the Annex were older books (published prior to 1980) and circulated zero or once in the past 40 years. These books were moved to allow for new collection acquisition and growth on campus.

Q: Are the books at the Annex accessible?
A: Yes, these books can be requested via our ILL and Document Delivery services. You must be signed in to your library account to request materials. If you are not signed, you will see a green “Sign In” button. Once signed in, you can request the book directly in the record.

Q: When will the 3rd Floor renovation be complete?
A: Renovation work on the 3rd Floor is expected to begin in October 2021 and be completed in Spring 2024.

Q: Will books be moved from the temporary location in the Science Library back to Bartle Library 3rd Floor when the renovation is complete?
A: Approximately 250,000 books will be relocated back to the 3rd Floor once the renovation is complete in 2024. The call number ranges are to be determined. The remaining books will remain in the Science Library.

Q: How was the Science Library collection impacted?
A: Approximately 11,000 books published before 1985 and never circulated were moved to the Annex. The collection was then consolidated onto the first and second floor to clear the ground floor for the compact shelving installation. After the renovation project when books from the 3rd floor return to Bartle Library, there will be room to move Science collections back to the ground floor allowing us to create new study space.