Our Seed Library is now open!

Thanks to a grant from the American Library Association’s Resilient Communities: Libraries Respond to Climate Change, the Science Library is now home to a seed library! Seed libraries are places where individuals can “borrow” seeds to grow. Those who are interested can then harvest and return seeds at the end of the season. 

Seed libraries have multiple benefits: 

  • Promoting biodiversity, including preserving genetic diversity
  • Providing community members with seeds to grow healthy food to supplement their diet
  • Supporting local seed-savers and gardeners
  • Encouraging increased engagement between the library and our community

The Science Library Seed Library has a wide variety of herbs, flowers and vegetables to choose from. You can see the types of seeds available in our Seed Library listing (note: this list will be occasionally updated). Anyone can come into the Science Library during open hours and “borrow” some seeds to grow this year. The seeds are free and return of seeds is not required to take seeds. Come grab a variety and have some growing fun! 

Some of the flowers shared in the Seed Library are for plants that will be a part of the new pollinator garden on campus so anyone can grow these beneficial plants. Stay tuned for more information about the pollinator garden.

As the Seed Library grows, it will feature more plants that are native to our area. Thanks to a grant from the Sustainable Communities Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence, the Seed Library will soon also provide additional resources to assist individuals with harvesting and storage of seeds. 

Keep an eye on the sustainability guide for updates about the Seed Library, including how to get involved!