Libraries join HathiTrust and enhance catalog search to provide easy access to materials

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As books prepare to leave the 3rd Floor of Bartle Library beginning April 12, the Libraries are implementing an expansion of their online catalog to ensure Binghamton University patrons still have easy access to the many items that will be affected by the overall renovations projects. The Libraries have also recently become members of HathiTrust, which provides access to digitized versions of over 17 million books, serials, and other titles digitized by libraries around the world.

Effective April 1, the Libraries will expand the results displayed in any search in Find It! to include “Almost Everything + SUNY.” These results will reflect items that Binghamton University Libraries owns, as well as items owned by other SUNY Libraries that can be requested via InterLibrary Loan (ILL). This is a pilot project that has been undertaken in an effort to help patrons obtain physical books on the 3rd Floor of Bartle Library that will be inaccessible while major renovations take place. Due to existing relationships between SUNY Libraries, ILL requests will typically take only 2-3 days to reach the user.

Items in the results list that are owned by a SUNY Library other than Binghamton will display 

“Check for available services” with options for “Resource Sharing“ or “Request a Book Chapter”:

Items that are NOT owned by Binghamton or another SUNY Library will say “Place an ILL Request” below each result.

In addition to expanded catalog results, Binghamton University Libraries faculty, students and staff may now search and view digitized versions of over 17 million volumes through HathiTrust. Membership includes full-text access to all public domain materials, while copyrighted materials will be full-text searchable.

When searching in Find It, items that are included in HathiTrust’s collection will display “Full text may be available at HathiTrust” below the record.

For full access to materials available to members, you may need to sign in through HathiTrust, which can easily be done by hitting the yellow “Log In” button at the top of the page, selecting Binghamton University from the list of institutions, and signing in with your PODS login credentials.

Patrons may view, download and search public domain volumes, and search copyrighted works. When logged in, users can also save subsets of the digital library into “collections” that can be searched and browsed.

Items can also be accessed directly through HathiTrust’s searchable database:

For more information on HathiTrust, visit the HathiTrust Digital Library Guide.
For more information on our Renovations projects, visit the Library Renovation FAQ.