Libraries Selected for Risk Assessment Program

Binghamton University Library has been selected to participate in Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA)’s Risk Assessment and Emergency Preparedness Program. Through funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), CCAHA will send staff to the campus for a day to complete a risk assessment on our four library facilities – Bartle, Science and UDC libraries as well as our Annex – to assist with the development of an emergency preparedness and disaster response plan based on the risk assessment.

As part of the process, the CCAHA assessor will review and examine many factors, including environment, history, location, structural issues and needs, weather and geographic risks, fire and pest protection, security procedures, local resources, training, collection documentation and more. CCAHA staff will work with our staff to develop a comprehensive disaster plan which will include essential contacts, emergency and recovery vendors, emergency communication, salvage priorities for the collections, and more. The service is valued at over $5,000.

­­­­The Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts is one of the largest nonprofit conservation centers in the country. The CCAHA mission is to provide expertise and leadership in the preservation of the world’s cultural heritage.