Grateful Dead Live @ Harpur College Listening Party, Oct. 7

As part of Homecoming Weekend, the Libraries’ new Center for the Study of the 1960s will be playing a recording of the May 2, 1970 performance of the Grateful Dead at Harpur College from 9 p.m.-Midnight, Saturday, Oct. 7 in the Zurack Collaboration Center (Newcomb Reading Room).
In a 1993 poll of Grateful Dead tape traders, this show was ranked No. 6 on the list of all-time favorite Dead concert tapes.
Relive the experience or hear it for the first time! 
All are welcome (no registration is required).
Snacks will be provided.

The Center for the Study of the 1960s is the nation’s first virtual center promoting excellence in research, scholarship, teaching and programs in the social, cultural and political history of the United States during the 1960s.
The Center of the Study of the 1960s collection is featured in the Summer of Love: 50 Years exhibit.