Medieval and Early Modern Facsimiles Exhibit in Special Collections

Chaucer_ellesmereFrom Aesop to Joachim:  the Medieval and the Early Modern Facsimiles of Special Collections exhibit is on display in the University Libraries’ Special Collections and University Archives.
The exhibit highlights the Libraries’ collection of facsimiles of some of the most beautifully illustrated codices, scrolls and printed works from Europe and Asia. Many of these works, such as the Gutenberg Bible or the Book of Kells, are unattainable for most libraries, but facsimiles allow scholars to conduct their research, professors to teach and students to study such exquisite and unique works without having to travel long distances at a great cost of time and expensive.
Read more about the Ellesmere Chaucer, or Ellesmere Manuscript of the Canterbury Tales, facsimile.
From Aesop to Joachim exhibit is curated by Andrew Roache, BU ’15 and MA ’16, who is now a graduate student at Syracuse University in the MLIS program.
The exhibit is located in Special Collections on the second floor of the Glenn G. Bartle Library. It will be on view until December 16, 2016.  Special Collections hours are 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday.