The 10 best travel stories on “Go Overseas” this Septermber

The stories we bring home with us are perhaps the most rewarding remnants of an experience abroad. Not only are they filled with memories and personal growth, but they’re often an inspiration for others to follow suit and have adventures of their own.
“Experience is the best way to gain knowledge and insight. […] until YOU travel somewhere for yourself, you are only ever living someone else’s story and perspective.”
From teaching English in Spain to working with children and animals in South Africa, here are (in no particular order) 10 of the best stories from the Go Overseas community this September!
1. Sophie Boulter, Volunteer with DAKTARI Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage in South Africa
A full-time primary teacher, Sophie recounted her first solo experience volunteering at Daktari Bush School in South Africa as a “brilliant opportunity to not only make a difference for these children but improve my own teaching in a situation completely different to the one I am used to in England.”
Although she was nervous about traveling solo, Sophie is now a confident traveler: “Now I wouldn’t think twice about traveling solo — strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet!”
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