Significant Literary Event on Campus Friday

Azar Nafisi
(Photo by SJ Staniski)
“A novel is not an allegory…. It is the sensual experience of another world. If you don’t enter that world, hold your breath with the characters and become involved in their destiny, you won’t be able to empathize, and empathy is at the heart of the novel.
This is how you read a novel: you inhale the experience. So start breathing.” Azar Nafisi

The Libraries is very pleased to share news of this important literary event from  Dateline:
Reading Lolita“Binghamton University celebrates 50 years of offering PhDs with a presentation by Azar Nafisi, best known as the author of the international bestseller Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books. Nafisi will speak on campus at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9, in the Anderson Center Chamber Hall. The talk is free and open to the public.”
For those of you who may not yet have read  Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books, it is available through University Libraries.
The book shares Nafisi’s belief that everyone, even Iranian women, have the right to an education.  This is a human right she bravely supports not only through her words, but  through her actions – conducting classes for women in her own Iranian home.
Republic of the ImaginationThe Dateline article also provides a brief, but enticing  overview of Nafisi’s newest offering The Republic of Imagination: America in Three Books, which we learn has been . . . 
“Praised as the memoir in books that does for America what Reading Lolita did for Iran, this passionate book illustrates the importance of fiction, and especially of active reading, to change people’s lives.”
This new book is featured and available in the University Bookstore (UUW 104).
For the full Dateline article,  go online.
The Libraries offers a wide variety of books and articles from, and about, Author Azar Nafisi  including  Why Americans Love Azar Nafisi,  Vagabond Nation: Becoming a Naturalized American,  The Last Word: Azar Nafisi: Finding Fact Through Fiction,  Culture War: America’s best weapon is the Iranian people and many, many more on this and a variety of related subjects.

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