Today is "National Voter Registration Day"

Voter Reg Day Students 18An important step in participating in the politics of our nations is  learning all you can – another is registering to vote.  Following is some information to help with both:
The National Voter Registration Day site  offers a wealth of information, including a clear explanation of why registering is so important and what your involvement can accomplish. Many can register to vote right on the site.
Rock the Vote Oldie
Rock the Vote is all about building political power for young people.Rock the VoteRock the Vote
National Twitter outlines why this may be the most important Voter Registration Day EVER (dramatic, but true!)
And ,of course, the Libraries has books for you to explore . . . a rich, vast, satisfying  assortment of books and resources on the subjects of voting, politics, political parties,  evaluating candidates and on and on.
Once such example comes highly endorsed by Libraries’ student employee Jose Gomez who shares, “Definitely one book that anyone should look into is American Political Thought  [which can be found] right at our Newcomb reading reserves.”
Jose explains, “Yes, it is a textbook, but in reality it is also a compilation of the greatest American thinkers of all time. People like Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin who paved the way at the birth of our nation and expressed the importance of being involved through Martin Luther King all the way up today with speeches by people such as President Barack Obama. It is really an invaluable resource because the one book, is many all wrapped in one.”
Uncle Sam Vote
So visit us in the Libraries to check out  American Political Thought, or one of the multitude of other selections that can help you absorb the information you need in order to vote with confidence.  And as always, contact a Librarian if we can assist you in your quest for knowledge!
And if you haven’t already registered to vote, today could be the day.