Understanding Library Loans: A Short Story

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It’s simple really:   We loan books, because we are givers.

Eventually though, sometimes sooner rather than later, we will want them back. Bring items back when they are due, or when we ask you to. Please and thank you.

 If you don’t bring items back: You’ll be fined.

  • Circulating books: $.50 per day to max of $15.00

  • Recalls and Non-circulating items: $1.00 per day to max of $15.00

  • Reserves:

    • Hour Loans: $.05 per minute to max of $50.00

    • Day Loans: $5.00 per day to max of $50.00

  • Videos/DVDs: $5.00 per day to max of $50.00

  • Journals: $5.00 per day to max of $50.00

  • Laptops: $.25 per minute -$2200.00 replacement fee after 24 hours

  • iPads: $.25 per minute-$350.00 replacement fee after 24 hours

If you hurt our stuff: You’ll be billed for the damage.  This includes writing in, underlining, highlighting, using the book as a drink coaster or as your puppy’s new chew toy.  Be nice.
Worst Case Scenarios:Baxter Oh No Face

  • You don’t return it, lose it, or damage it — you pay to replace it, and our minimum is $75.00 — ouch.

  • We block drop/add, registration, graduation, transcripts…double ouch.

The Good News!  Fines are totally avoidable:

  • We tell you when our stuff is due back when you check it out.

  • We tell you again 7 days in advance of it being due via email!

  • We even remind you again the day of!

  • If we need if back earlier for any reason, we give you 10 days advance warning, that’s pretty nice of us.

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Why are we so nice? Because we are all in this together, see?  We’re partners.  Library books are for everyone!  
Access and availability is our mission, and making sure people have opportunities to find, discover, and use, (not abuse!), material is the end goal.

 Be a sport, follow the golden rule and bring your Binghamton University Libraries’ loans back on time and in good working order. Thanks!