Farewell Susannah Gal: Interim Dean of the Libraries, Colleague and Friend

SusannahSomething about the term “interim” in the context of “Interim Dean of Libraries Susannah Gal,”  just seems wrong. Especially to those who have experienced the sense of ownership and wholehearted dedication she applies to whatever she undertakes.
Indeed, throughout her tenure in the Libraries, Susannah has focused her formidable leadership and people skills on the University Libraries with such intensity of purpose, that not only would most unquestioningly assume that the role of library dean was her chosen profession, but that the future generations of her own family were entirely dependent on the Libraries’ success!
Susannah and Harvey
President Stenger’s somewhat unorthodox selection of a research scientist to fill the interim dean role for the Libraries was innovative, gutsy and right on.
Susannah, in a short time you made a real difference to the Libraries and to our campus – thank you for your contribution and for your friendship, you will be missed.

Wishing you all the best!

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