15 Must-Read Books Written by Binghamton University Faculty

GrendelCheck out Erin Rosenblum’s post:

What better day than #‎WorldBookDay‬  to explore the books written by our own faculty members, many who are published and award winning authors.

A number of links are embedded within the write up about each book, including a link to our University’s annual book award , honoring the late Professor John Gardner. Gardner authored “Grendel,”  a book uniquely written from the perspective of the monster in the famous poem “Beowulf.”

Another intriguing link is to the The New York Times about the late poet and  retired Binghamton Professor Ruth Stone.  It seems Stone, winner of the National Book Award for poetry, sometimes found inspiration from our beloved campus (and our sometimes un-beloved April weather),  such as she did in her poem ‘Visions From My Office Window:”
“Among the students between the buildings, the colors of their clothes is a mirage of tulips. The lash of hot and cold upstate New York mountain weather; April splinters like an ice palace. . .”

 Readers, you will not be disappointed in the list, the links, or the offerings – time well spent!