Expanded Libraries' Resources

As reflected in the President’s Quarterly Report, a new five-year licensing agreement, recently negotiated between SUNY and Elsevier, has expanded the resources available to Binghamton University users.  This new availability offers access to the complete Cell Press selection of top-flight journals in the sciences, nursing and bio anthropology fields.
Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, is also included in this new licensing agreement. Scopus allows for access to scientific journals, books and conference proceedings and encompasses 55 million records from over 21,000 titles and 5,000 publishers.
Departmental library liaisons are available to help with training for those interested in making the best use of these expanded resources.
Faculty members have responded with enthusiasm to the benefits of this new agreement . . .

 Laura Palanker Musselman – Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences
 “The Cell Press journals have some of the highest impact factors in their fields, and not only benefit researchers. They will be found in the classroom and used in recruitment of new faculty.
 Many but not all of the available titles cover biomedical research, which will benefit the Health Sciences TAE as well as the new School of Pharmacy.”
  Susan Seibold-Simpson – Assistant Professor, Decker School of Nursing
“Students in both the undergraduate and graduate nursing program begin using the library resources the first semester they begin their nursing coursework, with Erin Rushton (University Libraries) providing specialized instruction on how to access online resources and use Refworks. 
Elsevier is a key publisher of nursing journals and we value having the expanded access.  The addition of Scopus is extremely exciting, from both a teaching and research standpoint.”


 Access Cell Press Journals here:  
Access Scopus here: