Halloween Storytime

Last Friday on Halloween, The AR Magic Book Team participated in the Libraries’ Halloween Reading at the Campus Preschool, an event organized by Angelique Jenks-Brown, one of our subject librarians at BU Libraries. The experience turned out better than we anticipated!

Halloween Storytime with The Magic Book
Halloween Storytime with The AR Magic Book

The kids LOVED storytime with our giant-sized Magic Book!  We had the book set up with the “magic tree” (a creative tree disguise that Juan constructed for the portable projector and tripod setup of the Magic Book).  The whole thing made even more magical with the fierce green dragon, whose job was to hold the camera (as part of the Magic Book setup).
The Fierce Green Dragon
ROARRR – The Fierce Green Dragon

The kids were quite fascinated by the large projection of the various storybooks they were familiar with. They were eager to help turn the giant pages of the Magic Book. We had their attention throughout the whole storytelling time. They laughed and squealed at all the right moments. It was such a joy to watch them. Best part was when they asked for “More, please!” as we were finishing up.
Magic Book Storytime
AR Magic Book Storytime