New Student Study Space in Bartle Library

Students are enjoying the expansive new offering in Bartle Library, the South Reading Room. Located at the top of the stairs (going up, this would be to the left) on the second floor, the South Reading Room offers comfortable study space in the form of tables and seating for more than 90 people plus fun new furniture, free Wi-Fi, and a screened terrace that seats approximately 30 more when the weather is fine. Within, there is also a group study room for 12 available via our new and popular online group study room reservation system at
Student feedback has been very positive, with comments including:
“Definitely needed. Comfortable and quiet space, nice and modern too.”
“I like it, more open space!”
“Had been studying in a tight desk on one of the upper Library floors. I like this open space better.”
“Don’t tell anyone else about this space!”