10 things you need to know about the Science Library

By Angelique Jenks-Brown and Andrea Melione
Science LibraryThe Science Library has long been known as the “quiet study area” on campus, but do you know about the wealth of resources and technologies available within? Visit the Science Library to Connect, Discover, and Create for yourself!
10) You have access to more than 50 computers available with productivity software, as well as two flatbed scanners.
9) If you still like to thumb-through print journals and newspapers, there are scientific journal issues and local newspapers on the first floor.
8) With our large format printing service, you can have conference posters and maps printed for a reasonable price of $3 per square foot.
7) If you need geologic or topographic maps you can find them in the Map Room. Many other types of maps and atlases are also available.
6) The walk-up book scanner can create searchable PDF files and audio files of scanned pages. The PDFs can be saved on a flashdrive or emailed.
5) New exhibits every semester cover scientific topics and highlight Science Library collections.
4) Friendly and helpful library staff are there to assist you.
3) Individual study carrels are equipped with overhead electrical sockets and a desk lamp – the perfect place to plug in your laptop and study at the same time.
2) Discover books on Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering/Technology, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Nursing, Physics, and Psychology. Books are available from introductory level up to advanced researchers in the field.
1) One of the few places on campus where group study rooms are available. They seat up to 8 people with a white board and a large table.

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