Where to find good quality images? The library has done the work for you!

Roy Lichtenstein
Edition: 75 of 200
Portfolio: Eleven Pop Artists, Vol. II

Do you need to use images in your research paper or presentations? Is Google Image search just not cutting it, leaving you with poor quality, low resolution copies? The library provides a list of high quality open-access image databases free for the Binghamton University community. Most are free for public use.
This list of digital collections, found on the Art & Architecture subject guide, is for academic use only: for education and research. These collections are open access, but users should be aware of the copyright guidelines governing fair use –no publishing rights without permissions. But some collections, like the Rijksmuseum, encourage you to do anything you want. Make a t-shirt or a poster, even decals for your car.
For questions on how to cite images, check out the Using Images Guide. For any further help on this or any other research assistance, please contact Leslie Vega, Visual Arts Librarian,