Prof. Pei-heng Yan presents works of calligraphy to Binghamton University Libraries

Prof. Pei-heng Yan presents his works of calligraphy to Dean John M. Meador, Jr. of the Binghamton University Libraries.

Professor Pei-heng Yan presented a gift of original calligraphy to the Binghamton University Libraries on June 11, 2013. Yan is a Professor of English and Chinese Calligraphist at the North West University of Nationalities (NWUN) in Lanzhou, China.
Yan’s art was cultivated in his childhood, mainly by his father Xin-tian Yan, who was a calligraphist in Northwestern China and who was a close friend of You-ren Yu, a famous Chinese calligraphist. Growing up under the tradition of Chinese aesthetics, philosophy and culture, Yan was trained by the academic calligraphers Chong-zhao Zhang, Yu-zhai Zhao and Ju-chuan He. He also taught himself different styles and eventually became one of the rare calligraphists who can make four styles of ancient style of Chinese calligraphy: Zhen, Cao, Li and Zhuan.
Prof. Yan’s gift will be housed in the Special Collections which are located on the second floor of the Glenn G. Bartle Library.
Detail from one of Prof. Yan’s works.